Just as the chefs carefully source each ingredient, every element of the space, from the locally crafted banquettes to the modern china, has also been thoughtfully selected to enhance the entire dining experience.

Creating an aesthetic that mirrors the food and service philosophies of a restaurant is, quite simply, an art and must incorporate the neighborhood, the architecture of the building and the vision of the chef.

When Nina Nugent began thinking of the interior design of goosefoot®, the words modern, smart, elegant and approachable came to mind. Beautifully crafted with attention to every detail, the interior of goosefoot is designed to reflect Chef Chris Nugent’s food: think classic yet modern, nuanced, approachable and convivial. Like the food and service the guests will find surprises and detours through the interior.

What’s a goosefoot®?

The name goosefoot® didn’t emerge from a fondness for feathered friends or feet, but from our passion to cook with the highest quality seasonal ingredients grown and sourced from small artisan farms.

A goosefoot® or chenopodium genus is actually a plant family of great significance to the culinary world. There are 150-varieties in the family some of the species in the genus have leaves that resemble the foot of a goose. A few of our favorites are: Chioggia beets, strawberry blite, Swiss chard, Bull’s Blood, Bordeaux spinach, lamb’s quarters, red orach, epazote and quinoa.